Varsity soccer teams defeat the Grand Prairie Gophers


Duncanville Varsity teams beat the gophers in district play (Mireya Ibarra photo).
Duncanville Varsity teams beat the gophers in district play (Mireya Ibarra photo).

This past Tuesday the varsity soccer teams played Grand Prairie, and both teams came out with the win.

The varsity boys won the game 3-2. The game started off good for the boys, they were up 1-0 in the beginning of the game. Senior Christopher Escalera made the first goal. Grand Prairie however, was not going to make the same mistake they did in the first game. The gophers scored a goal and the game was tied 1-1 going into halftime. In the second half, the gophers made a mistake in the back and it was a perfect opportunity for senior Alejandro Villegas to score the second goal making the game 2-1. The gophers came back with a mistake made in the back for the panthers and they scored now with a tied game of 2-2. The last minutes of the second half the panthers earned a corner kick, and junior Josh Erwin scored off of a header with the game winning goal making the score 3-2. The boys still lead their district and are still undefeated.

The varsity girls won the game 2-0. This was a better start than the first game, the gophers did not score any goals against them. In the first half the first goal was scored by senior Gabie Walston and the panthers took the lead going into halftime winning 1-0. During the second half there was an aggressive game from the gophers, but the panthers kept their composure and scored a second goal. The second goal was scored by freshman Corine Daniels.

Both teams travel to play Mansfield high school this Friday. Boys play at 6:00 P.M. and the girls follow after playing at 8:00 P.M.