Varsity boys keep their undefeated streak alive for senior night


Varsity soccer teams played their last home game of the season against South Grand Prairie (Jasmine Roblero photo).
Varsity soccer teams played their last home game of the season against South Grand Prairie (Jasmine Roblero photo).

Last night the Duncanville Varsity Soccer teams both played their rivals in district play. It was also their last home game of the season and it was senior night.

The boys fought a hard battle against SGP, it was 0-0 going into halftime. Second half the boys did a better job of taking more shots and making more runs. Finally, at the end of the second half, a cross from senior Christopher Escalera changed the game. His cross was the assist for the header that sophomore Tim Ugo made. That was the game winning goal that the panthers needed for their win against SGP. The boys won their game 1-0 and are still undefeated and also District Champions, this is the first time since 2006 that they have earned that title.

After the boys game, all of the senior boys and girls were recognized for their senior night

00- Josh Nieto

4- Miguel Contreras

6- Carlos Macias

7- Damian Passos

8- Alejandro Villegas

10- Christopher Escalera

13- Rocky Pena

18- Geo Torres

21- Juan Solis

Manager- Connie Galvan

5- Simone Parker

7- Jennifer Moloughney

8- Gabie Walston

16- Mia Radillo

18- Hannah Tobias

19- Evelyn Morris

23- Lisette Lopez

After the senior ceremony, the varsity girls took on the SGP warriors for the win that they needed in order to qualify for playoffs. The first half SGP got one goal by scoring off of a penalty kick, then another goal shortly after from a kick. Going into halftime the panthers were down 2-0. Starting the second half the panthers got one goal in during the first three minutes of the game to keep this game alive. The goal was scored by senior Jennifer Moloughney. SGP came back and scored another goal now making the game 3-1. At the end of the second half with a break away, junior Paiton Maples scored the second goal for the panthers. The game ended and the girls fell short losing to SGP 3-2. This put SGP up in points. The varsity girls did not get the win they needed to qualify for any playoff position.

The last district game for the panthers will be this Friday in Mansfield Timberview, the boys will play at 6:00 P.M. and the girls will follow at 8:00 P.M.