‘The Scene Aesthetic’ rocks stage during All-Star Weekend concert

The Scene Aesthetic rocks stage during All-Star Weekend concert

Panther Prints Managing Editor Lindsay Graf-Juarez met the lead singer of Scene Aesthetic at the recent All-Star Weekend concert in Dallas. (Cassidy Doyle photo)

The Scene Aesthetic brought a new level of acoustic music to the table. Opening for AllStar Weekend on their “Suddenly Yours” tour at the Door in Dallas last month, they provided an entertaining and enthusiastic show for those waiting to hear.

The pair involved their crowd in every song by pointing at them and making jokes along the way. Their music, which relies heavily on acoustic guitars was original and refreshing to listen to, compared to the pop produced stars of today. Obviously, the band has a future for them, with dedicated fans following them wherever they go. Their love songs are true to life, and the titles of their songs are good allusions to their influences.

While their name may be about beauty, they are not about relying on looks to make their way and an impact through the business. They focus on the music and the emotion in them rather than the pretty boy faces that plaster poster boards of today. The bands Youtube videos allow listeners to see into their world, especially because they create live performance videos based on what the fans want to hear.

They are eager to listen to suggestions and grow, which is something fun and unique about musicians, especially those who climb the ladder as far as The Scene Aesthetic touring with others. They are being given an opportunity of a lifetime to bring in more followers day by day. Their Myspace and Facebook are growing and their Youtube videos are also getting more sincere as the days go by.

In fact, The S.A. is comparable to Johnny Cash, not in talent, as Johnny is a legend, but by in that they both resent electronics and focus on the true and old man made sound of music the acoustic guitar.