Brief: Administrators require tutor passes to eliminate lingering students after school

Passes are now required for tutoring

Passes are now required for tutoring

Passes are now required for tutoring
Passes are now required for tutoring

New policies have been put in place in an attempt to eliminate students from the hallways after school’s conclusion. The rules are as follows:

  • Teachers should stand in the hallways for 10 minutes after the bell rings to ensure students clear the halls.
  • Any students staying for tutoring must  have a signed tutoring pass which will be provided by Ms. Sultemeier  (east side) or Ms. Jingles (west side). Each student must have their own individual pass with the appropriate date and destination.
  • Students should be in their classrooms by 3:10. At this time, classroom doors will close and students will be escorted out of the building. Any errands should be run before 3:10 to ensure students get their on time.
  • Coaches should only send athletes who have a pass into the building. If there is no practice, and the student does not have a pass, coaches are instructed to send them home or remain in their presence.
  • Club or organization sponsors should provide a pass for meetings. Passes can be made by the sponsor, but all passes must be identical and signed. A note written on a piece of paper will not be accepted.
  • Students who wish to go to the library after school for any reason must pick up an “After School Library Pass”. Students must exit the building after they are finished in the library.
  • If students are riding the tutoring bus, they must remain in the classroom until 4:15. Provide students with a pass on their way out. No pass, no ride.

There are no exceptions to any of these rules. Teachers and students are asked to be as cooperative as possible.