High Hats to present special spring show Friday and Saturday night


High Hats will present their spring show Friday and Saturday at 7:30.


High Hats will present their spring show Friday and Saturday at 7:30.
High Hats will present their spring show Friday and Saturday at 7:30.

Remembering Tasmia Allen during the show is what will make this year special to everyone in the auditorium during the High Hats’ 32nd annual spring show Friday and Saturday night.  With special speakers, fun music, and bittersweet memories of the High Hat angel, you can expect a great night.

“This year is very diverse, and it has a lot of passion,” senior Bre’Anna Kelley said. “We just let all of our emotions come out when we dance.”

With about 5 months of planning ahead the big event if finally here. The show will be at 7:30 in the DHS Alexander Auditorium each night. Tickets can be purchased from any High Hat or at the door for $6.

“As April gets closer they start to work harder,” director Mrs. Kristi Beaty said.” With music and costumes being picked during November and December and practices starting in January its difficult for them to see so far ahead.”

Although every year is similar by including the traditional song “It’s not where you start it’s where you finish”, this year has a lot of fun music and a variety of cultures.

“We’ve always been a team in the Spring Show, but this year each girl’s personality can shine,” senior Cid’Ni Wilkerson said.

Since the loss of Tasmia, the team has become the girls’ second family. They are dedicated and work hard to make the show a site to see.

“They mean the world to me,” Beaty said.” I see myself as their mom rather than their teacher or mentor. I always want to see them succeed.”

As senior year comes to a rapid close, the girls are excited to make their last performance a night to remember. Leaving the High Hat family, their footprints have been left for the upcoming teams.

“I’m sad to be giving up my hat in a few days but I’m ready to see what will happen in my life next,” captain Jamelle Brown said.” I knew what I was getting into when I signed up but I will miss it. With being with them for three years, High Hats is literally my life.”

See Last year’s show on our youtube channel below: