Distric Art show features pieces from all age levels, winners selected

Art Show sample. (Koy Zapata photo)
Art Show sample. (Koy Zapata photo)

An appreciative crowd of around 1,500 students, parents, staff and community members viewed student artwork at the district’s K-12 Art Show on April 10. Orange Tree Art Gallery Owners Norma Flatt and Tara Flatt-Ferguson and Director of Student Services Ed Marcell served as judges for the event. An art class scholarship was provided by Visual Expressions Gallery to Ramyha Torres, an Acton kindergarten student who was named the overall Creative Talent Winner for the district. She also received a plaque to celebrate her award.

Art show attendees had the opportunity to enjoy refreshments made by DHS Culinary Arts students, create their own pieces of artwork and receive free face painting. A complete list of winners is below. Click here to view photos from the event.

Overall District Winners

Elementary Winner Ramyha Torres, Acton, Kinder
Intermediate Winner Marilyn Segovia, Hardin, 6
Middle School Winner Sebastian Posas, Reed, 7

Campus Winners

First Place Second Place Third Place
Acton Wynter Cole, 3rd grade Frida Bonilla, 4th grade Blessing Ibezim, 1st grade
Alexander Angel Arellano, Kindergarten Brooklyn Williams, 3rd grade Owen Branch, 2nd grade
Bilhartz Olivia Rose, 3rd grade Yesenia Limon, 3rd grade Nathan Rodriguez, 3rd grade
Byrd Zinnia Rivera, 8th grade Christina Lambert, 7th grade Nathaniel Trujillo, 7th grade
Central Jose Rodriguez, 2nd grade Samantha Hernandez, 4th grade Jaylen Rivers, 2nd grade
Daniel Jade Porche, 5th grade Juslin Medina, 6th grade Phai Rmah, 6th grade
Fairmeadows Alexa Garcia, 3rd grade Mason Sharp, 3rd grade Emily Moreno, 2nd Grade
Hardin Nallely Pintor, 6th grade Melqui Cabrales, 6th grade Marilyn Segovia, 6th grade
Hastings Derriana Patterson, 4th grade Jonathan Najera, 3rd grade Joy Conner, 1st  grade
Hyman Dreson Dixon, 3rd grade Rafael Solis, 1st grade Jennifer Correa, 4th  grade
Kennemer Name Withheld Cristal Castro, 8th grade Diana Aburto, 8th  grade
Merrifield Stephanie Villatoro, 3rd grade Luke Garcia, 3rd grade Jordana Alvarez, 3rd grade
Reed Sebastian Posas, 7th grade Deion Gutierrez, 7th grade Eboni Smith, 8th grade
Smith Gabriela Hernandez, 3rd grade Skylar Sims, 4th grade Jocelyn Rios, 1st grade

Campus/ Class Place Student Piece
DHS Advanced
Art 1
1st Iris Tsing Mono Chromatic Painting
DHS Advanced
Art 1
2nd Nina Son Wrapped Cat
DHS Advanced
Art 1
3rd Madeline Smith Hands
DHS Advanced
Art 1
Honorable Mention Rafael Cabrales Hernandez Eye Nose Mouth
DHS Art 1 1st Patricia Ochoa Lion &
Little Girl with Bow
DHS Art 1 2nd Angela Alcaraz Wrapped Hands
DHS Art 1 3rd Marissa Campos Broken Faces
DHS Art 1 Honorable Mention Dulce Arreola Texas Freedom
DHS Art 2 1st Aahjah Ward-Carson Book Sculpture
DHS Art 2 2nd Kaci Dotson Brown Bag
DHS Art 2 3rd Hector Medina Inspiration
DHS Art 2 Honorable Mention Thania Castillio Afterlife
DHS Art 3 1st Matthew Flewellen Figure Painting
DHS Art 3 2nd Kalen McGuire Strippling
DHS Art 3 3rd Kamaria Davis Surrealistic Staircase
DHS Art 3 Honorable Mention Name Withheld Cardboard Painting