Students recieve Mary Lee Nemic Award for academic achievement


Counselor Vehon hands the students their awards.

Counselor Vehon hands the students their awards.
Counselor Vehon hands the students their awards.

Students were awarded with Mary Lee Nemic for their achievement academically. These students, selected by their teachers for their success in the classroom, received a certificate and have the option to get a Letterman blanket or jacket.

“This is one of the most prestigious award given at DHS,” lead counselor Terry Vehon said. “We’re extremely proud of these students.”

The following students proved worthiness in one or more classes:

Alfred Boss: AP Biology, AP Government

Daisy Ramirez: AP Biology

Jonathan Oakes: AP Calculus AB

Cidni Wilkerson: AP Calculus AB

Ife-Oluwapo Ademola-Tobun: AP Calculus BC

Jessica Escobar: AP Calculus BC

Philip Daniels: AP Chemistry, AP Economics

Brianna Clarke: AP Chemistry, AP Economics, AP Statistics

Valarie Cardenas: AP Government

Carlos Mayorga-Mancera: AP Statistics

Blake Dial: AP US History, AP English III, PreAP Pre-calculus

Rebekah Oakes: AP English III

Mark Gebauer: AP Human Geography, PreAP Physics

Rachel Eubanks: AP Human Geography

Steve Lieu: PreAP English II

Erika Galindo: PreAP English II

Jaime Munoz: AP English IV

Isaac Soto: PreAP Algebra II

Lucinta Lee: PreAP Algebra II

Gregory Monks: PreAP Chemistry

Kennedy Stidham: PreAP Chemistry

Lauren Jameson: PreAP Pre-calculus