Ariana Grande “Breaks Free” from her usual style with help of Zedd

Ariana Grande 
Break Free ft.Zedd

Ariana Grande “Break Free ft.Zedd”

Ariana Grande  "Break Free ft.Zedd"
A screenshot from Ariana Grande’s video.

“One Less Problem” Pop star artist broke the rules by releasing her new hit “Break Free ft. Zedd”, which reached No.7 at the Billboard’s. Star Ariana Grande is best known for her blend of old school style R&B with modern attitude. This time Ariana teamed up with Zedd to create this electronic techno sound that really helps create that pop modern sound we love.

Ariana’s vocals in this piece are very different from her past album Yours Truly. This time they are strong, loud vocals that create soul. Ariana’s vocals mostly shone when she sang lower notes; when she sang the higher notes, they blended in with the background. Zedd’s vocals also contributed to create Ariana’s great sound. When they sang in unison, their voices harmonized but still separated to create an echo effect. The electronic techno sound that is heard in the background also creates a beat and rhythm that has a control over you, making you want to dance.  The electronic techno sounds familiar to the type of music heard in night clubs, which really help create that dancing rhythm. The electric techno sound also creates this pop style, which if you have seen the music video it contributes to the music video theme. Overall the vocals and electric techno together harmonized to create another hit for Ariana Grande.