Themes and activities set for Homecoming Week


A photo from last year’s homecoming pep-rally (Olivia Davila’s photo)

A photo from last year's homecoming pep-rally (Olivia Davila's photo)
A photo from last year’s homecoming pep-rally (Olivia Davila’s photo)

 Homecoming week (October 27th-31st) is quickly approaching, and if you want to participate in the theme days and after school events, this is what you need to know:

Monday is Movie/TV/Video Game/Book Character day. Wear the ensemble for any movie/TV/video game/book character that you resemble or like. Restrictions include: No hats, face paint, or capes. If you are going to wear tights, wear something on top (shorts, skirts, etc.) for any day.

Grab your best friend(s) and match for Twin Tuesday. Whether it’s two characters that match or actually the same outfit, participate in this wacky day. Also, if you’re a horror movie fan, gather your favorite snacks and come on back to school at 6:30 in the East Seminar room for a feature presentation of a scary flick. The movie will be picked by audience vote, and popcorn will be provided.

 What are we? Panthers! And we belong in the jungle, so it’s no coincidence that Wednesday’s theme day is “Welcome to the Jungle”.  Dress up as a jungle animal, like a panther, leopard, monkey etc.,  or as a safari guide. Then “swing by” after school in front of the Fish Bowl on the grass area for the Tie-Dye Party. Bring your white shirts or other items for tie-dying. You can wear your newly colored clothing the following day.

Throw it back to the oldie days with Throwback Thursday. Pull out that outfit that your grandparents have hidden in the back of their closets. You can wear anything that resembles outfits wore from the eras 1920s through the 90s. Make your way back into the present day at 7 that night for the Kickoff Party. Pre sale tickets will be sold during all lunches on the days before the event for a cheaper price. Food, a photo Booth, caricatures, plus more will be available. Students can also expect a spooky surprise and music from a live DJ. Remember to bring money!

 The week will conclude with Freaky Spirit Friday. On that day, Seniors should wear white and silver, Juniors should wear red, sophomores should deck out in blue, and Freshmen should sport orange and black. Also, Student Council will be on the lookout for the best mum/garner to be awarded a prize at the pep rally. Before the game the homecoming candidates will be crowned in a pre-game ceremony.

Homecoming this year does land on Halloween, and although many people would rather be partying, trick-or-treating, or at another festival, remember that our Duncanville Panthers need our support. So come out to the game to scare those Gophers!