Personal Column: It’s Your Last

Josaphine Xayyaraj, staff photographer and writer
Josaphine Xayyaraj, staff photographer and writer

My mind is gonna explode; my body is gonna leave me; all my worries are eating me alive. Who knew senior year was gonna wear you out? It feels like a boulder is just sitting on my shoulder. I just want to graduate. It’s funny how I hear that so often from my class of 2015. We want to get out of here and fast.

“Senior year is the best year”, I hear it said all the time, but it’s only the best year because it’s one step closer to finally leaving. Let me fix that statement for you: “Senior year is the most stressful year”. You have your tests, your applications, your due dates, your senior activities, all just overwhelming you every second until it’s done. Not to mention the enormous amount of pressure you feel from everyone, especially yourself.

Senior year is definitely not what I expected. You’re not just gonna “chill” for the last year. This is basically your last year to make an impact on your future. That should be the highlight of your worries. You gotta do everything you can before you leave. You have to leave with a bang, right?

Sorry for the scare, but it’s just a mere warning. Yes, there’s some fun in your senior year, but it’s only if you get involved. If you don’t go to the games, events, or at least join a club, you will drive yourself crazy with agony. All of those extracurricular activities definetly help you get through the year faster. Of course they give you just a bit more stress, but it’s not the “oh my god, it’s driving me crazy” stress. It’s to let you have a bit of a breather and see some light at the end of the tunnel.

The only other advice I can give you is to get started early. Get rid of your worries before you can enjoy yourself so you can enjoy everything to the fullest. Stay ahead so you won’t have to think about if you can make it or wonder what will happen if you don’t get through it. Instead, you’ll have peace of mind that you already did it. It’s done. So you can move on to the next obstacle without looking back with doubts.

It’s senior year people, your last chance to get everything together and lay out your path. It’s the one stepping stone you need to conquer in order to get to your career. Make the best of it. Listen to your mentors because they’ve been here and done it. Everyone’s here to watch you take the next step. Make it worth their time and effort they gave you. Graduate.