One Direction experiments, matures with upcoming ‘Four’


The album cover for the boys' fourth studio album which incorporates new musical styles.
The album cover for the boys’ fourth studio album which incorporates new musical styles.

One Direction has yet again released chart-topping songs, and this time they are not playing around. For starters, their new album, Four, recently leaked a week before its release date now tops every chart on Billboard and iTunes. This collection has a completely different vibe from the typical pop boyband sound that they are known for. If you liked “Story of My Life,” then you’re in luck because this new album is full of chill sounds and folk influences. One Direction definitely hit the jackpot with this new experimental sound. Each song is unskippable.

One Direction is always going to be known as a boy band. They, themselves, comprehend that, but they also wanted to produce music with a more mature sound since they have grown up and thats what they accomplished with “FOUR.” Each boy was given the part of the songs on the album that truly suited their vocals and this is definitely their greatest album.

The first song on the album, Steal My Girl, is actually the weakest track on the whole album; it still has the bubblegum pop sound that fans are used to. Although the each boy’s vocals are strong and smooth, the song lacks the new vibe that the album has.  From “Steal My Girl” the album shifts into a different direction with the songs that will probably be hits like “Ready To Run”, “Night Changes”, or “Girl Almighty.” These tracks show us the new side of One Direction that will surely win over more people.

The album gets a bit more rock than pop when you get to tracks like, “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” and “Clouds.” These songs have amazing guitar riffs, and you wouldn’t guess that they were from One Direction. The album slows down a bit when it gets the track “18”, written by Ed Sheeran, a song that will make you fall in love with the vocals of each boy. You will want to sing them to your sweetheart.

The album slows down again towards the middle with songs like “Spaces” and “Fireproof” – the most mature sounding songs off the album and the ones with the slowest, sweetest rhythms. As the end of the album progresses, it truly ends with a bang. The best songs on the album, like “Stockholm Syndrome” (my personal favorite) starts off with a fast beat sounds that quickly transitions into a song that sounds like something from the 90s. And its so good, you’ll have it stuck in your head for days. Next, is “No Control” the song with the truest rock vibe of the album – the kind of vibe that makes you just want to jam out. In addition, the harmonies are close to perfection.

If you get the Deluxe edition of the “Four”, you will be presented with 4 additional tracks that will make you want more from these boys. If you enjoy the band The 1975, then the bonus track, produced by two of The 1975’s band members, “Change your Ticket”, will have you enjoying One Direction just as much. The album closes off with “Act My Age”, a sort of Disney themed song that will make you laugh and take the fangirls back to the foolish young boys they fell in love with.

One Direction’s album makes a statement. They are not just “some boy band” who will fade away. They’re changing the game with maturity and confidence. Their careers are just beginning, and the sky’s the limit. I, for one, am excited to see what they have planned next.