Meghan Trainor stands up to cheater with “Lips are Moving”

A screenshot of Meghan Trainors music video Lips Are Moving.

A screenshot of Meghan Trainor’s music video “Lips Are Moving.”

Screen Shot of Meghan's Trainor new hit, "Lips Are Moving."
Screen Shot of Meghan’s Trainor new hit, “Lips Are Moving.”

Meghan Trainor is still “All About that Bass”, in her newly released single, “Lips are Moving.” Trainor’s song was released a few days ago and has reached about 3 hundred thousand views, making it her second best single next to her original number one hit. Trainor’s new track had everything that she is known for,  from her bass vocals to her self- motivating lyrics.

The song in Trainor’s customary key of bass, but with a rock and pop twist this time. Her deep bass vocals and breathing techniques allowed her to create a steadily flowing note, which enhances her rock style. Her pop style outstanded when she harmonized her bass vocals with the backup singers. Trainor’s vocals definitely outshined throughout the song, until the ending when more singers were introduced; this made it difficult to hear her properly. Trainor’s vocals were overall amazing in her new hit: smooth, soulful, bass, yet still pop and modern.

Although Trainor’s “Lips are Moving”,  her lyrics where the one speaking. Trainor lyrics are alway telling a story, from talking about a dear lover, to talking of all about bass.  This time “Lips are Moving” are telling the story of  a relationship that went south. “If your lips are moving, then you’re lyin’, lyin’, lyin’, baby”. Who dared to lie to “All About that Bass” singer? The lyrics tell the story about a relationship where one of the partner is a liar and cheater who thought that he was capable of getting away with it.  Underneath those soulful lyrics there is also a message of self encouragement. She sings about not letting a cheater bring you down and having the confidence to end the relationship before you end up hurt. “You can buy me diamond earrings and deny-ny-ny, ny-ny-ny, deny-ny. But I smell her on your collar so goodbye-bye-bye, bye-bye-bye.”

“Lips are Moving,” was a great hit, the lyrics were a perfect combination with the vocals heard in the song, but the song was a disappointment. The message was the downfall, the speaking of a relationship going south is not unique, but the way  she proceeded in instead of talking about the relationship, and more about leaving the relationship created a good hit.  Traineor’s lips may be moving, while people “bass” are shaking.