Personal Column: Shopping can really be addicting


Shopping can be addicting.

Shopping can be addicting.
Shopping can be addicting.

Dealing with an addiction is not an easy topic to talk about especially when you are so young. Many of my close friends know what I struggle with on a day to day basis. Experts say that it gives the same high as smoking weed. I have omniomania.

Omniomania is the technical term for a shopping addiction. While I don’t buy things I [at the time] don’t feel I need, I still buy many things I want that are unnecessary. I always feel the need to be at a store, whether it’s Costco or Sephora. I just want to go and find something I want to buy. It’s a little bit harder for me to support my addiction since I’m a high school student who doesn’t have a job or  credit card. I try to control my addiction by not having a debit card or carrying around less cash. Doing these things doesn’t stop me from the excessive want to be at the mall. It’s just a wonderful atmosphere to be in when you need time to release stress or just to think about life. I don’t usually go with friends because it causes a distraction and when I’m shopping, I’m focused. I go in with a plan, and despite often getting distracted, I  always find something. Even if they don’t have what I’m looking for, I don’t want the shopping trip to go to waste, so I just go and find something else.

With that type of mentality it makes it difficult for me to save money.I have to spend it all before I leave, just to feel content with shopping trip. If I have any money left I feel like I haven’t succeeded and that’s when I begin to buy unnecessary things. I find myself buying more things that I don’t need when I go with friends or family rather than when I’m alone. Noticing these things makes me more cautious to choose who or even if I go with someone.

For instance one day I went to Ulta and I didn’t know what to buy, so I bought a new blush. When I got home it looked like glitter. I was so upset because at that point I had already threw away the box and the receipt. I was stuck with the blush until I gave it to my mom. It was really upsetting because it was a $25 blush and that money is just down the drain.

I make time for it even if it’s just five minutes. I don’t understand how anyone couldn’t like shopping.