High Hats,Drumline set to march in Governor’s Inaugural parade


High Hats line up before a football game. (Photo by John Hunt)

High Hats line up before a football game. (Photo by John Hunt)
High Hats line up before a football game. (Photo by John Hunt)

January 20th upcoming republican Governor Greg Abbott will celebrate his inauguration. Abbott, Duncanville native, wanted support from his hometown and asked the High Hats to travel to Austin and join the celebration by marching in the Governor’s Parade.  The High Hats will be marching with other organizations in Texas along with country artist Lady Antebellum. The parade will take place through Austin to the state Capitol ending with a barbecue that will include four tons of brisket.

“It’s amazing that our Governor attended Duncanville,” said High Hat Co-Captin Jessica Leavy.

The Duncanville alumni graduated in 1976. He was on the track team and won every meet he entered his senior year. He was in the National Honors Society and was voted “Most Likely to Succeed.”

“It’s a huge honor to be representing the Governor’s Alma Mater,” said High Hat director Kristi Beaty.

The High Hats won’t be traveling alone to Austin; they will be accompanied by the Drum Line.

“We are happy to have the Drum Line joining us,” said Beaty.

The entire drum ine couldn’t believe that they would be apart of history.

“When our director told us that we are going to the parade everyone got excited,” said Drum Line member Regan Preston. “I think that its pretty cool that we get the opportunity to go to the Governor’s Parade.”

After playing the same cadence for the past few years, the drum line is exited to start rehearsal to learn a new cadence.

“The entire parade routine is approximately one mile an will take 20 minutes to complete,” said Beaty. “We are choreographing a new routine to a new drum cadence that the Drum Line has.”

There is no word on whether the parade will be televised.

To watch the updates on the Governor’s parade visit http://www.2015texasinauguration.com/