Young band Grizzly shows promise

The band is made up of these 4 young men.

The buzz generating from a small town has brought new attention to the band Grizzly. The group is steadily gaining their opportunity in the spotlight to show off their mix of pop punk with alternative rock. Formed in Portland, Oregon, the band is currently working on their EP and participating in Warped Tour’s “Battle of the Bands”. Grizzly consists of Jon Dunne (lead vocals/guitar), Aaron Rogers (guitar), Andrew Mihaly (bass), and Jesus Galeana (drums).

With insanely catchy tunes I was honestly shocked by how little views these musicians receive on YouTube. Their demo songs alone sound like they have been involved with the music industry for years. In my opinion, they resemble Fall Out Boy back in 2005 but with Brendon Urie from Panic at the Disco as their vocalist. It’s truly incredible how similar vocalist Jon Dunne can belt out a note and leave listeners with Brendon Urie in mind.

Their recent song “Christmas Sucks (Since I Found Out Santa Wasn’t Real)” has an organic and mellower sound than most of their songs. The lyrics are a retelling of a relationship gone wrong and Christmas clichés in the chorus. The harmonizing of the vocals and the mix of slow to fast tempos all blend perfectly together. Throughout the track, it has a passive-aggressive vibe. The quick transitions of the verses to chorus bring the story to life and puts the listener through a roller coaster of emotions. The bridge represents the overall breaking point of a heartbroken person. The ending features a short but fun guitar run to add as comic relief.

“Turnover” and “Backseat” have more of an anthemic rock feeling to it. Both demos feature distorted vocals along with more pop punk guitar riffs. Although they only have a few demo songs, all of them have currently been repeated constantly since I discovered this rock band. The only negative thing to say about this quartet is that they haven’t made enough music. Definitely one of the few bands that could hook their audience instantly with any of their pieces.

Grizzly may be a young group, but their ambition is evident. They possess the sound of early rock bands that much of the rock scene enjoys. Fans are anxiously waiting for more of their songs in the works to be released. I am personally impressed and can’t wait to see what the band has to offer. I highly recommend you give Grizzly a listen on their YouTube channel.