Players sign letters of intent to play college football

Wide Receiver La'Arrius Allen stops for a shot with his mother after signing his letter of Intent to play football for Doane College in Nebraska. (Shay Rhodes photo)
Wide Receiver La’Arrius Allen stops for a shot with his mother after signing his letter of Intent to play football for Doane College in Nebraska. (Shay Rhodes photo)

As the class of 2015 varsity football players steps up on the stage this morning for National Signing day coaches, parents and administration gave them a standing applause in the Tom Shine Performance Hall.

“Today is a blessed day, these young men’s lives are going to change for the next four years, this is an exciting day for these kids and their parents,” varsity coach Tony Johnson said.

This year’s class featured 14 athletes  who Johnson and the other coaches admit have put in countless hours on the field and in the classroom to see this day come to pass for them.

“This is answering prayers for some young men and coaches who have worked really hard to get them where they are going,” Johnson said.

The players who have all received scholarships to go pursue their dreams have depended on the support of those who have been by their side for quite some time now.

“This is really exciting, I have been working with some of these kids since there middle school years,” former head coach Jeff Dicus said.  “It is truly amazing to see them excel to the next level academically and athletically.

Parents of the athletes say they are also excited to see their sons make it to the next level.  Running back Roosevelt Richmond’s mother Sheryl Richmond said she has mixed feelings as her son leaves home to fulfill his dreams.

“I’m proud of my son for accomplishing a goal we set for him as a little boy. As a mom it will be hard to let my son go all the way to Nebraska without missing him,”  Sheryl Richmond said. “But now it’s time for him to take another step in life, and work on his next goals in Nebraska.

Not only did today highlight football signees but the girls soccer program featured the signing of goal keeper Samantha Jimenez.

“Sam is a great goal keeper,” head coach Jessica Woodrum said.  “What makes her great is that she has great work ethic an she outworks anyone that I know.”

Samantha’s parents were on hand for the signing and said this is a special day for their family.

“Were just so excited to see her start the next chapter of her life, we have pushed her and pushed her to follow her dreams and do what she loves, and now she will,” Samantha’s parents Christopher and Nora Jimenez said.

Athletic Director Coach Cathy Self-Morgan said she is happy to see the 14 players sign their letters to play college and represent Duncanville.

“It was great to be a part of this special day today,” Self-Morgan said. “These athletes earned their opportunity to become college players and we are excited to see them come back in a few years and share their accomplishments on the college level with us.”

As the ceremony started Johnson made it clear that these young men get a chance not only to play football but get an academic degree as well.

“This is not just about football it’s about getting an education,” Johnson said. “This four years is your life and your career and I know it is special to your families because not too long ago I sat here as a father and it made me proud for my son to sign his letter to play college football.”

See our live stream of the event below: