Band takes field with new show, new look

By Taryn Marceleno, Staff Writer

The band took the field for the first time with their new show at the Arlington football game.(Photo by Karla Estrada)
The band took the field for the first time with their new show at the Arlington football game.(Photo by Karla Estrada)

After placing 7th in Texas State Marching competition, the band is back on the field showcasing their new show “Enlightenment.” The show is an elaborated piece that is about overcoming darkness and bringing light into the world. It’s light vs darkness and in the end the light will prevail.

“Each audience member will take from the production what he or she chooses,” band director George Townsend said. “I like to think of it as going from “dark to light” through one’s personal journey.”

 The show is different than pervious shows in the past.  

“There’s actually character “Joy” telling a vague story along with the support of the high hats,” Townsend said.

This will be the second year a character is moving throughout the band and high hats. The previous production was the 2008 show “The Journey.”

“Joy” was created through a long thought process,” Townsend said. “She was inspired by music, life experiences, and a character we felt could be brought to life with enough “simplicity” to effectively tell a story.”

Joy is played by Junior saxophone player Leilani Castillo.

“I would say she represents all things good,” Townsend said.

The vision is created through a very tedious process.

“There’s a lot of trial and error,” Townsend said. “We listen to LOTS, LOTS and LOTS of music to see what inspires us.”

 The concept of the show was band director Mark Teal’s vision.
“It is constantly evolving, improving and we are constantly manipulating ideas to help make things better and more clear,” Townsend said. “Unfortunately a great production is never truly complete, even after the final performance. It must be engaging to our audiences, inspiring to the kids, and a story we can communicate effectively.”
High Hat Director Kristi Beaty wants to create the vision Teal has for the production.
“I’m trying to make sure that its everything he wants it to be,” Beaty said. “We are constantly trying to improve and step outside the box while maintaining our traditions. Even though this year is not a state year we still want to do really well because it builds on the next year.”

This year the high hats were given a umbrella as a new prop.

“The concept is going to be cool but the choreography isn’t going to well because the umbrellas are giving us a hard time,” Beaty said. “Now its starting to evolve into this really cool effect and so it rewarding to see that.”

New assistant director of the high hats Julia Rick, has been amazed by the work and effort put into the show.

“It’s surreal,” Rick said. “The kids are amazing and its really cool to see their hard work put in on Friday nights.”

Every year is challenging but the directors are very proud of the kids and their work.

“It’s shaping up to be another special year,” Townsend said. Possibly the best ever.”