Celebrate all, not just some

By Ariel Benson, Staff Writer

Olivia Davila_Homecoming Pep Rally_9-19__5074
Cheerleaders do a stunt at the pep rally to celebrate the football team. (Photo by Olivia Davila)

The gym is full, the crowd is loud, and spirits are bright… for the football team. This year we will have four more pep rallies just to celebrate them. While they need our support, other teams are also deserving of the cheers and crowds. We are more than just our football team.

For this reason, pep rallies should be extended outside of the football season. The students in other organizations of this school have shown their success, and we should let them shine.

Girl’s varsity basketball won back to back championships just three years ago. Boy’s soccer advanced in playoffs just last year. In Debate, a two-person team qualified for state this past February. The number of academic successes can not be listed simply because the list is too long. None of this is intended to discredit anything that the football team has or will accomplish, but are we not discrediting others’ accomplishments by only celebrating one sport?

While it is difficult and unrealistic to hold an individual pep-rally for every single sport and successful organization, each team and/or individual should receive props for going above and beyond. So if this means combining subjects at pep rallies, than this is an option worth considering.

There is no logical reason why the football team has a right to take time out of the school day, but no one else does. Mr. Meekins, the new head principal, should consider allowing others to shine. He should change the “broken system,” and start a “New Era.”

There is a unanimous want to host pep-rallies for all of the sports. Student council, cheerleaders, and fellow students have advocated for the other organizations to be recognized. Council officers have reported that they are trying to work with Mr. Meekins to make this possible. Let’s hope that this project is a success, and that everyone who deserves to feel the love of Duncanville, feels the love of Duncanville.