Panthers show potential to begin “New Era” this season


Photo by AMANDA

The Panthers were pumped for their home opener against the Arlington Colts. (Photo by Karla Estrada)

By Khadijah McCall, Staff Writer

This season our Duncanville Panthers are determined to show us that they are a totally different team than they have been in the recent years. New coach, new players, new mindset. They are willing to do whatever it takes to get to the playoffs this year.

“I think people are going to be surprised by what we have accomplished since last season,” varsity runningback and quartback Jalin McLin said.

Comparing last year’s team to this one, there has been a big growth change in terms of stamina, size, and effort.

“I want us to win!” varsity wide receiver and quarter back Zachary Freeman said. “We have worked our butts off so now it’s time to go out there and show them what we can do.”

This season our Panthers are showing more heart than they ever have before. We have explosive players, and a explosive defensive line that is willing to fight till the very last second of the game.

“Things have changed,” varsity center back Elijah Jones said. “We are going to fight for what’s ours no matter what it takes on the field.”

The fight that this team has displayed so far in the season shows how much heart they truly have. Their record is currently 2-1 (after Mesquite Horn’s recent forfeit). They still have potential for a great season. If they continue to channel all of their energy, they can carry this momentum to district play.

Duncanville has the potential to win every game from this point on in the season. As long as they keep their mind focused, this will be the best season that coach has ever seen before.