Theatre presents George Washington Slept Here through Saturday night


Two theatre students act out a scene of the happy-go-lucky play.

The drama department will be perform their show George Washington Slept Here tonight through Saturday October 3. The showings will take place in the performance hall at 7 p.m. for $5 a ticket.

Theatre teacher and play director Elisa Guse says the play has a heartfelt message that she hopes everyone can relate to.

“The lesson is to be happy and be who you are with your family in your home,” Guse said.

Guse has confidence that the actors will put on a great show.

“These are such characters that I thought the kids could pull them off and also I wanted a fairly large cast,” Guse said. “It had everything going for it.”

Despite being without scripts at most of their rehearsals, the cast has worked hard to prepare for the show. Guse admits that she is proud of their progress.

“They’re catching on very quickly we’re even ahead of schedule,” Guse said. 


Guse encourages everyone to come support the students’ efforts and to enjoy the atmosphere they create.

“There’s nothing like live theatre,” Gude said. “It’s just so different. I think that everyone should take advantage of all the opportunities to go to live theatre that they can.”