Theatre showcases Penny Hotter tonight through November 7

Leah Foster stars as Penny Hotter in Theatres upcoming production. (Photo by Celestine Garcia)

Photo by AMANDA

Leah Foster stars as Penny Hotter in Theatre’s upcoming production. (Photo by Celestine Garcia)

By Brittany Ramirez, Staff Writer

Theatre will present Penny Hotter beginning tonight at 7 p.m. in the Performance Hall for $5 a ticket. They will also perform the show tomorrow and Saturday as well as on November 6th and 7th. 

Theatre director and teacher Lucy Russell says that the cast has worked hard on their parody of Harry Potter. With a few days to go, the set was not yet finished, costumes were still not complete, lights were not programmed. The staff was still nervously stumbling over their lines.

“The cast is a very talented group kids that can help each other out,” Russell said.

Russell said the play is intended primarily to make people laugh. 

“Parodies are something else that I enjoy doing,” Russell said. “It’s not your standard type of play which is why I thought it would be something that those who haven’t seen a play would come and enjoy.”

Despite its placement in the parody genre, there is an important lesson in the play.

The lesson is that you can overcome any obstacle even if you’re in an unfamiliar situation,” Russell said.

Senior Leah Foster said that getting the lead in the play was shocking for her but she is becoming more comfortable with the help of her fellow cast members. 

“I kind of doubted myself at first but I’m actually getting, and now it’s like ‘yeah, I can do this’,” Foster said. “A cast is a unit working together, and I feel like that’s what we are doing.”

Foster said that she hopes the performance would make JK Rowling enjoy their comical portrayal of her plot and characters.

“I hope she would be proud,” Foster said. “I think it would make her laugh at least hope that it’ll make her laugh and appreciate how we interpreted the characters that she made.”