Poor football season offers chance for reflection


The Panthers were looking forward to a great season under the new leadership of Head Coach Reginald Samples. Unfortunately, due to various reasons, they did not live up to such expectations. Yet, underclassmen fans still have things to look forward to in the upcoming season. (Photo by Tomica Charles)

Varsity football players line up for the start of a game with Mesquite horn for the first game in with a new video scoreboard.(Photo by Alexis Rosebrock)
Varsity football players line up for the start of a game with Mesquite horn for the first game in with a new video scoreboard.(Photo by Alexis Rosebrock)

Your Panther Football team finished their season with an overall 3-7 record for the second year in a row. If you watched as many games as I did from the sideline, you probably share the same frustrations. The Panthers haven’t pulled together a winning record since the fall of 2011 (when I was in the eight grade) when there was the original scoreboard and no place to show high lights. The problem is although there were many highlights this year on the board the end result was a tough season for coach Reginald Samples in his first year as the head coach of the Panthers.

Blown leads and failed comebacks are only the tip of the iceberg when describing our season. I could go on for pages justifying everything that went wrong and try to explain everything that could’ve gone better. But I won’t. Because I’m tired of talking about it, and you’re tired of hearing it. What I will talk about are the positives. This season only gave me a reason to have confidence in the years to come. Both junior varsity teams had phenomenal seasons. They had a combined season record of 15-5. This is perhaps one of the most promising JV seasons in a long time. Explosive running back Alfredo Porter will be returning next year with the addition of Jalen Nelson, a transfer from DeSoto, who played quarterback on their playoff team a year ago and was denied his eligibility. He will take over at the signal calling. This dynamic duo should prove more than efficient in the backfield.

In all honesty, we said all these things last year, but I honestly believe that if everything goes as planned, next year’s Duncanville Football team will make a run in 6A playoffs. It can be said that we’re set for next year, but we can’t deny the disappointment that our seniors have to deal with. As a senior, it’s not about how many games you won or how many sacks you made but the example you left for the underclassmen behind you.  The only advice I have is that it’s time to move on. The season didn’t live up to expectations but what can you do? Nothing. It’s about what you already did. As this Winter approaches, let’s get ready for the Holidays and approach basketball season with open arms. I’m excited for what lies ahead and I hope you are too! Next year this professional video scoreboard should light up with more than enough great highlights.