Inaugural Powderbuff tournament ends in victory for staff, success for all


The underclassman team faces off the staff team dubbed “Old Skool” in an early round of the tournament. (Photo by: Cynthia Rangel)

By Noah Vice, Staff Writer

Volleyball is a game of finesse, trust, and integrity, but when  high school boys try to play it, it is everything less than that. All jokes aside, this year’s Powderbuff was an overwhelming success. Teams and supporters created a great atmosphere for the event’s first installation.

It was a six-team double-elimination bracket. There were two senior teams, a tenth and eleventh grade team, and a faculty team. Games were played first to 25 points or whoever had the most points at the end of 15 minutes.

These games were not simply a matter of recreation, but tests of a man’s inner self. Sweat, blood, tears, and baggy shorts filled the gym floor turned battle ground. Screams of excitement and cries of disappointment were lifted through Sandra Meadow’s stomach. When the storm was calmed and the dust settled, there were only two teams left.

Senior team led by Jorge Guzman and Esteban Andrade met the faculty team led by Coach Browning and Coach Chapman in the final show down. It was a battle for the ages. The seniors came out with a demanding lead and managed to keep the early momentum. However, Duncanville faculty kept their cool and steadily racked up points. A last second effort by Coach Browning gave the staff team the push they needed to (unfortunately) cruise to victory. Old Skool gloated as they received their gold hardware.

The tournament exceeded expectations. With the help of Student Council and most importantly YOUR support, we raised over $1300 for our campus charity Sharing Love Counts. With the money raised, they’ll buy presents this Christmas for families who can’t afford them otherwise. No one is going to remember this game a couple of years from now, but making a difference in these families lives’ is all the reason to keep having the Powderbuff tournament for years to come.