Tickets for second annual “Snowball” formal on sale beginning January 21


Last year, 100 people attended the dance. Student Council hopes to increase this number (Photo by: Josaphine Xayyaraj)

By Kennedy Stidham, Editor in Chief

After a successful trial run last year, Student Council has organized the 2nd Annual Snowball Winter Formal, which will be on Saturday, February 6 from 7 to 10 pm.

The tickets go on sale Thursday, January 21 during all lunches, and will continue to be sold on every B-day during January for $10 per person/$15 per couple. Last chance sales will take place during all lunches on February 2 and 4 for an increased price $15 per person/$25 per person.

The decreased prices are just one of several things that Student Council is doing to make this year’s event more of a success. They also hope that moving the event to a Saturday night and improving the food and music will motivate people to come.