Graphic design pre-sells spirit apparel to raise money for competition through January 15


The “Straight Outta Dville” shirt is inspired by the movie Straight Outta Compton, which has risen in popularity since its remake.

By Britany Ramirez, Staff Writer

The SkillsUSA graphic design chapter will be pre-selling their new “Straight Outta Dville” and Senior 2016 apparel during all lunches until The “Straight Outta Dville” T-shirts are $8, sweatshirts $10 and hoodies are $18, while the senior 2016 shirts will be $15. All the money raised will helped fund the graphic design and illustration Skills USA chapters.

“The money helps us put our best foot forward at the competition,” graphic design teacher Jay Lamar said.

Pre-orders will not be the only chance to buy the new shirts. The chapter teams will continue to sell the shirts hot off the press later in the month of January.

“We will also be selling them hot off the press, in case people missed the preorder or wants the shirts in a different color like green or orange, etc.,” Lamar said

The chapter team hopes everyone will buy and enjoy the shirts while they are still available.

“Everybody has still has some Christmas money, so we’re hoping they come out and buy some cool spirit wear,” Lamar said.