Panthers fall to rival Longhorns after competitive match-up


Duncanville player drives in paint as he is loosely guarded by a Cedar Hill player. (photo by: Ricardo Martin)

Last night, the Panthers had a big game against rival Cedar Hill (15-2). The game was the first matchup between the two teams this year.

It was a tightly contested game. Both teams were playing good offense, but pretty average defense as it was a pretty high scoring game. Duncanville played smoothly on the offensive side of the ball. Their passes were crisp, the players looked like they knew what they were doing and most importantly, they limited the turnovers. The Panthers did a good job at moving the ball around until they found an open shot. Jalen Harris led Duncanville in scoring with 22 points. Consistent basketball was played all game.

On defense, Duncanville played good a majority of the game, but sometimes good defense can go unnoticed simply because the other team is making shots. Made shots doesn’t mean they weren’t contested shots.

When the third quarter rolled around, Duncanville was a little gassed, allowing Cedar Hill to go on a 12-2 run, putting them up by 10 at the end of the third quarter. When the fourth quarter came around, Duncanville picked up the pace again and was able to bring the game within 1 with 1:30 left in the 4th quarter. They couldn’t hold the momentum, however, so Cedar Hill walked away with the W (78-82).

Overall, it was a very good match. Both teams were running all game long. Duncanville showed good defense, a quick offense and good coaching. This team could be a threat to make a strong playoff run.