Pantherettes’ strengths give them a great shot of going all the way

Pantherettes strengths give them a great shot of going all the way

By Noah Vice, Staff Writer

Recently, I’ve tried to find an appropriate way that best describes our, currently number one ranked team in the nation (according to USA Today), Duncanville Pantherettes. Maybe I could mention their small-ball mentality that drives points in the paint, their bench that goes on for days, or their starting lineup that includes McDonald’s All American Game nominee, Madison Townley and selection Ciera Johnson. All of these attributes are essential, but what I really think defines them as a team is their desire to win.

Coach Self-Morgan has not only developed a winning team but a dominant dynasty. Her teams here at Duncanville are known for things like the second longest winning streak at 105 and State Championships in 2012 and 2013. Her teams also make regular appearances in the Playoffs now boasting an 81-0 District winning streak not losing a district game since 2010.  The Pantherettes have beaten their opponents by an average of 36 points this year. That fact alone shows what kind of team we’re dealing with.

This team has their sights set on a state championship, and they’re running after it full-throttle. Whether this was the tough loss to Manvel in the 2014 6A State Championship that snapped their long winning streak or the tough loss to Plano that sent them home before even the regional tournament last year that sparked their current ambition or not, there is one thing for sure they play with passion and a will to take it all the way.

The Pantherettes are just plain GOOD. Johnson a Louisville commit is a beast in the post position blocking some of the best player in the nation and taking their rebound from the glass. She has outmatched the likes of Natalie Chou, Plano West’s star who ranks number 9 in the nation at her position or out of state players like Blackman Tennesee’s 6-3 Gazzmine Bond another top player. This is not to mention underclassmen, such as Nina Alvarez, who is dynamic at distributing the ball around the court. Then you have Zarielle Green who is one of the most sought after sophomores in the nation and puts her fair share of points up ever game on her fast break ability to get to the rim or hit the long ball. Their playing style is similar to the San Antonio Spurs and the Kansas City Royals. You might not see them breaking individual records, but they’ll stay at the top of the league as a team. The Pantherettes are a well-oiled machine and when they’re working, it’s something beautiful to watch.

The team is now into the second round of district play and already showing signs of repeating the first as they shredded a good Desoto team by 34 points. This team not only has potential to win the state championship but they should be in line for another National Title banner on the ceiling.