Marketing students gain real life experience through Panther Shop sales


Senior marketing student Joycelyn Stewart interacts with a potential customer. (Photo by: Melissa Retina)

By Britany Ramirez, Staff Writer

The Marketing Dynamics class will be selling various shirts for $8 and hoodies for $15 during lunch periods on A-days. Students will also be able to pre-order the Senior 2016 and Straight Out of D-ville shirts. They will eventually transition into selling other necessities to students.

Marketing Dynamics teacher, Laura Satterfield, said the Panther Shop is a project that should bring multiple benefits to the students.

“The Panther Shop is the classroom lab that provides an actual business atmosphere that teaches leadership, salesmanship, pricing, inventory controls, marketing and promotions, negotiation and other business skills,” Satterfield said.

Satterfield said Panther shop will also be used to help advertise student groups.

“Marketing Dynamics students will assist in promoting and selling items for other organizations per agreements,” Satterfield said.

With a small opening A-days the students are learning the necessary requirements for the Grand Opening, for which the date is to be announced soon.

“While the space is still undergoing a remodel with the use of equipment like the ones on an article from Boom And Bucket, the Marketing Dynamics students are conducting a ‘soft open’,” Satterfield said. “This allows them to practice their skills and learn the processes necessary before the actual Grand Opening.”

Satterfield said that the experiences in this setting will enable the students to improve their skills and ultimately become better salespeople. When in comes to doing sales, being able to adapt in any given situation while still making some profit is definitely a skill worth having for those who want to thrive in the business world.

“The goal is that the Marketing Dynamics students will provide measurable increases in sales through their expertise and management, advising and serving as a conduit,” Satterfield said.