Computer programming students compete to create personalized games


Students in the computer programming class competed with one another to create their own game with the program SCRATCH. This project allowed the students to use the skills that they have developed under the direction of teacher Lori Rich.

The program offers the students a variety of graphics and tools to create their vision. One student chose to create a wizard and princess themed game, while another student based their production off of the movie Ghostbusters.

“The purpose of this project is that the students would create an idea and put it into a story-board, while at the same time learning about coding on the computer,” Rich said. “This would enable them to learn a new programming language.”

Rich said that the experience also taught the students other critical skills that are relevant to all career paths, not just the computer programming field.
“This assignment pertains to logical and sequential thinking,” Rich said. “Students had to compare what they thought was going to happen to what actually resulted from their programming.”