Globetrotter holds fond memories of being a Duncanville Panther


Devane Carter “Viper” is now known for his high flying dunking abilities on the Harlem Globetrotters. After playing for the Panthers he went on to play for Tarleton State where the Globetrotters took notice of his talent. (Tomica Charles photo)

Staff Photographer Tomica Charles recently sat down with current Harlem Globetrotter Devane Carter “Viper” who graduated from Duncanville High School in 2011 and went on to play for Tarleton State University after playing for the Panthers. Below are the results of the interview.

1. Tell me about your journey from Duncanville to the globetrotters?
Viper: “I was at Duncanville my junior and senior year. I graduated 2011. I was coached by Coach McDade and Coach Chism when I played Jv basketball, the wonderful two coaches I had. They taught me a lot as far as being a good person, and always giving my all on and off the court. As for Duncanville I got injured my junior year and my senior I was injury free. Tarleton was the only school that was looking at me. I played for Tarleton for four years. I received several awards and recognitions my senior year and ended up going to the college slam dunk contest. From there I was automatically seen by the Harlem Globetrotters. After try outs they really liked me. They showed interest and they ended up signing me to a contract and here I am.”

2. How did your time in Duncanville influence you to get to where you are today?
Viper: “Duncanville influenced me a lot. I knew a lot of people at Duncanville both teachers and administrators that really helped me out. I was a little bad kid at times but they really helped me through some of the struggles I was having. They tried to teach me to do the right things instead of being bad and acting out.”

3. Growing up watching this team what did you think?
Viper: “They were an amazing basketball team. I’ve always idled Harlem Globetrotter legends Fred “Curly” Neal (1963-1985) and Meadowlark “Clown Prince” Lemon (1955-1980) and their style of basketball. I liked how they could really be themselves on the court. This is something I really like and enjoy.”

4. So far what would you say has been your best memory of traveling with this team?
Viper: “Making the team period has been a dream come true. Obviously coming back to my home town Dallas is also a big deal. Everybody shows love and I really feel at home. Dallas has been my best memory so far.”

5. What would you tell a young basketball player from Duncanville if you could share something with them?
Viper: “You are going to go through Coach Chism because he is the head coach. He’s a wonderful coach regardless of what he says he always love you. No matter who your coaches are they are always going to tell you the right thing. They are never going to steer you the wrong way. Always stay focused and don’t get too down on yourself.”

6. Who was the biggest influence on your life and how?
Viper: “My mom. Growing up with a single mother raising three boys wasn’t easy. Our family got bigger as we got older and we had to go through a lot of struggles. She was my back bone and my support. I did a lot of this for her to get her what she needs after everything she’s done for me.”