Blizzard Entertainment Strikes Again with Newest Competitive Game Overwatch


Overwatch competitive sensation for gamers.

eSports are on the rise with games Like Counter Strike: Global Offense, League of Legends, Dota 2, Smite, and Call of Duty. The newest addition to the bunch is Overwatch, and it has taken the world by storm.

Overwatch dropped May 24, 2016 and from the beginning people knew it was going to be a competitive sensation. With the beginning line up of 21 characters made up of the Classes Assault, Builders, Defense, and Support characters the game encourages you to build the perfect team to Defend or attack a point, move the payload or stop if, or contest the hill to keep your team alive.

The competitive scene picked the game up very quickly, with organizations like FaZe, NRG, Luminosity, Team Fanatic, and Team Liquid picking up players to create teams.

Although there are problems with the game those problems are slowly being fixed by Blizzard. The biggest community complaint, with people that don’t necessarily want to play the game in a competitive environment is that people will play a full team of only one character. This leaves the game unbalanced and boring, when there is too many of one character the game will notify you, but Blizzard has seen that this is not enough, and they have soon said that they will add locks, meaning when a character is picked that is the only person who can play that character until the person switches off of that character.

The game is a new step into competitive gaming, and is a brand new step for Blizzard this was their first try at a first person game, and it has been a boom. No one expected this game to be as big as it has been, and this is not the end of it as the game is still expanding slowly but surely with recent addition of a new map and a new character may be coming in the near future, this game is a global phenomenon, and will continue to be as long as it is tended to properly by Blizzard.

This game may be a competitive phenomenon, but that doesn’t mean non-competitive players can’t enjoy the game. It’s actually the complete opposite the game tends to the needs of non-competitive players just as much as they do the competitive players. The things most non-competitive players are into are getting the skins, voice packs, highlight intros, and emotes. Things like these do not affect game play they are just the aesthetics that the casual players can enjoy, and they aren’t at all hard to obtain with every level up a loot box is granted and you can choose to open it right away or you can save them up and open them in bulk.

The game is the perfect game for anyone looking for a great first person treat. A competitive player who is looking for great competition and a perfect atmosphere for just that, and for the casual players who just want to play and enjoy the scenery of such a beautiful and colorful game. With a perfect mix of just about everything for any gamer anywhere Overwatch may just be the future of gaming both competitive and casual.