Futuristic Shakes the Internet with, “As Seen on the Internet.”


Futuristic as seen on the internet.

Futuristic comes into 2016 strong with, “As Seen on the Internet,” the artist who built his career on YouTube has now released his second album.

Going from YouTube channel TheBuffNerds to dropping his first album Rise Futuristic has come a long way. Dropping, “As Seen on the Internet,” on Aug. 26, 2016 futuristic brings a newer style to his music.

In his first album The Rise Futuristic had a sense of I’m better than you and noting will stop that. “As Seen on the Internet,” has the sense that Futuristic has grown up a bit going from I’m the greatest to trying to inspire people, telling them that there is noting they can’t do.

The album has lead to Futuristic going on the, “As Seen on the Internet Tour,” the tour has just started and tickets are selling out fast no shows have sold out yet, but there have been several shows in the early stages of the tour that have been really close to getting to that point.

“As Seen on the Internet,” has proven to be a great album that was worth the wait for Futuristic’s old fans who thought he fell off, his new fans who found him recently, and returning fans who have been listening from day one and never stopped listening.