NHS offers students opportunity to receive service hours

Many clubs and organizations often go overlooked throughout the school year. One of these organizations is NHS. NHS stands for National Honor Society which is an organization composed of the top 15% of the junior and senior class. In this organization, members do community service throughout the year in order to complete at least 40 hours of community service as well as participate in other events that National Honor Society participates in. Some of these events include UNICEF, Christmas Angels, Toys for Tots, Tutoring ELL students, College Seminar, and much more.

Community service is a very important part of a high school student’s life because it teaches them responsibility, work ethic and gives them experience in what they are volunteering in. The reason National Honor Society requires the members to do at least 40 hours a year is because National Honor Society is all about serving the community and helping people. As well as these community service hours helps out each individual member stand out when the time comes to apply for college.

Members often participate in UNICEF which requires each member to collect donations. UNICEF uses these donations to help out the kids in poor areas of the world by providing nutrition, water, shelter, vaccinations, education and so much more. Then there is Christmas Angels, which is an event that National Honor Society participates in to provide a chosen family in need with presents for the holiday. A family is chosen at random and they provide a list that includes what each person in the family wants for Christmas. The NHS members then buy one of the items listed and then the gift is wrapped up in Christmas wrapping paper to give to the family. Another thing NHS does is Toys for Tots, members donate toys for kids whose parents cannot afford to buy them toys for Christmas. After receiving the gift, it is of course wrapped in nice Christmas wrapping paper then drop off to the Toys for Tots organization.

Tutoring English Language Learning students is a new thing that NHS is doing this year where members from National Honor Society have the option to help out with tutoring these students in order to help them prepare for the STAAR Assessments which are Algebra 1, English 1, Biology 1, English 2 and U.S. History.  Students will be required to come in 2 times a week or more, to tutor the students in either groups or individually. Later on in the year NHS will be hosting a college seminar for grades 9-11 which will be filled of information to present to students who wish to attend college soon. This seminar gives students information about scholarships, tips about writing essays, what colleges look for, important dates to be on track when it comes to filling out college applications and etc. This is a very informative event and really helps out students prepare when it comes time to prepare for college applications.

When it comes time to choose a club or an organization, if you like to help people and can handle performing the 40 hours of community service a year, then National Honor Society is the club for you.