FCCLA brings holidays to those in need


Just a simple building full of hundreds of tables and plates brimming with food. As the people walked in and sat in the chairs it was impossible to walk around without bumping into another person. Faces full of joy and stomachs about to explode with the yummy food being served was a goal well accomplished.

Thanksgiving and Christmas time is just around the corner. Families gather together and bring all varieties of food to celebrate everything they are thankful for that year. Unfortunately, there are many people who aren’t as stable when it comes to money which prevents them from celebrating these holidays. This is when organizations and the community get together to help those in need and provide a delicious meal which we call Feast of Sharing. An organization named FCCLA from school took a part in this event.

Roughly around 30 students volunteered for this event which took place in Downtown Dallas.

“As I was helping others, I felt sympathy for them. No matter what their circumstances are, no one deserves to be struggling just to eat, sleep, and even live,” senior Dallana Vargas said.

Students assisted people at the center with getting their meals.

“It felt great knowing I am helping out the community,”senior Maria Osegueda said. “Seeing the faces of people enjoy their meals was my favorite part of helping out.”

FCCLA members helped serve food to anyone who walked in. They were served restaurant style. Sliced turkey, cornbread dressing, mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, cranberry sauce, rolls, soft drinks, water, and even ice cream were being handed out.

“My favorite part of the event was handing out ice cream, because who doesn’t like ice cream?” junior Kiara Jones said.

Those being served were able to eat as much food as they would like. Fill their tummies with good holiday food. Sadly, we weren’t allowed to let them take food with them, they did have to eat inside and throw their trash away inside the building’s trash cans.

“A challenge for me was not allowing the people to take the food out of the event,”senior Julissa Avalos said. “Many people wanted to take drinks and food and all I could do was turn a blind eye.”

Even though the majority of the people receiving food on this day are struggling financially, they were really positive about everything. Entire families came in and sat together at the tables and enjoyed laughs and their meals together without a worry. Even some dancing took place in front of the stage. Cheers and laughter were leaked by everyone there.

“My favorite part was when I saw whole families sitting down together. I loved seeing them happy and enjoying their food, especially the children,” senior Julissa Avalos added.

There were also sections with bouncy houses, rock climbing, face painting, cookie decorating, and even a photo booth with Santa Clause for the little kids. And a stage with entertaining music in the middle for everyone to enjoy. The kids were all excited when they saw they got to decorate their own cookie AND take it home to eat. Delicious!! Then once they saw they got to take photos with a Christmas related photo booth they got even more excited. Seeing a smile on their face was worth the 5 hours of service. Many members doing this were new to the experience since it was their first year going to Feast of Sharing and enjoyed it a lot.

“I thought it was a beautiful experience,” senior Avalos said. “I would do it again if I got the chance because it was interesting,” junior Jones added.

While others enjoyed serving people for the first time other have been part of this event in the past.

“This year was my second time participating and I would keep being part of it as long as I get the opportunity because it is a beautiful experience. It feels great volunteering and helping out those people that don’t have the same privileges as us,” senior Vargas said.

Holiday season is about giving back to others rather than receiving.

“I also did it twice already. I did it because you get to show your gratitude and get to give back and help those who actually need it,” senior Jordan Williams said.