Interact club spreads Christmas cheer to local nursing home


Students from the Duncanville High School Interact club visited the Laurenwood nursing home to spread some holiday cheer. (Gloria Ogonlade photo)

As holiday excitement radiates throughout the school, Duncanville’s Interact Club decided to extend some of their joy this season. While many students went home exhausted from final exams hoping for their last day of the semester to come so they could have a long winter break, students from Duncanville’s Interact club could be found at Laurenwood Nursing & Rehabilitation spreading some of their giddy holiday cheer to the elderly. As one of their many community-involved projects, students passed out socks to the retirees who sat and happily watched them perform Christmas carols and a short Christmas piece by some of the Duncanville band members, often times singing along with the well-known tunes.

For me, the holidays represent a time where everyone can come together and be happy,”  Interact club president, senior Jaylen Banks said, “I believe that we had a positive impact on the people who we visited because we shared our time with them and they seemed to really appreciate that. They even clapped along when we sang and played music.”

Seeing a smile on the faces of the seniors reminded everyone what the true meaning of the season is about and made time even more enjoyable for everyone involved.

“This opportunity made me feel joyful and happy because I was able to bring joy into someone else’s life if only for a short time,”  sophomore member Kamryn Crowder said.

Many may be alone or forgotten this holiday season, but the Interact club learned that you should never put it past you to contribute some of your jubilant mood to those around you. Sharing joy is always a contagious reaction and the upbeat, lighthearted side of the seniors was brought to light because of the Interact club donating some of their precious time to a precious cause.

“Sometimes people forget that the elderly can still enjoy the season. You’re never too old to be jolly about Christmas,”  Banks said, “Another part of Christmas is reaching out to help others, so being with them felt like the right thing to do.”