Wooden Stake for 1 Please!


“I love you.” The words of an awkward teen drifts into the air like pollen as he shoves a bouquet of flowers in his beloved girlfriend’s face. The mere thought of this behavior reminds us of one particular holiday that you don’t have to be in a particular religion, country, or social group to truly “celebrate”. Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day. The most revolting holiday of the 365 day calendar.

Valentine’s day has to be the worst holiday because every year the day of love becomes a day of hatred. If you’re in a relationship, you get bombarded by the sad mob of singles weeping over their loneliness. If you’re single then the surrounding couples annoy you to a point of depression.

What is Valentine’s Day? Why do we celebrate it? Many have created a various amount of legends since the creation of St. Valentine’s day. Some include a diluted version of the execution of St. Valentine since the gore and pure evilness was too much to tell children. When in all actuality, Valentine’s Day began when during the 200s when Emperor Claudius II forbid marriages and engagements in Rome according to History.Com.This was to strengthen his army and to rid of any bonds or distractions of his men. However, Saint Valentine continued to marry young soldiers to their lovers. Soon word spread to Emperor Claudius II and he sent for Valentine to be executed. Valentine was later named a Saint for his noble actions.

Many stories have cultivated throughout time. One being that Valentine in fact was a lover himself and before going to war he sent one last love letter to his lover ending with “From Your Valentine.” This is just one of many explanations of Valentine’s death and the overall meaning of the day.

So how does death and the making of a martyr correlate to roses, big teddy bears, and chocolate? It doesn’t, like most pagan holidays. Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, CHRISTMAS!! The story changing of each of these holidays masks the true understanding of each to become pleasant to the public human mind I suppose. This has become out of hand for centuries.

Every year it becomes worst. They start out younger and younger. I even recall searching through Walmart with my mom to find the Spongebob Valentine’s Day cards with the lollipops every year of elementary school.

Another issue that I have with V-day is that not only is it sexist, but it gives people a pass to be horrible to their “loved” ones 364 days out of a year. Then that one day they present this false image of one’s self to be head over heels.

Don’t get me wrong. I am a firm believer of love and its many ways but I know what’s right and Valentine’s day isn’t it.

I personally think the entire holiday should just be erased, deleted, forgotten of. We should just keep it in our world history books as another event. I understand what it stands for but apparently the rest of the world doesn’t. It is meant to be about the appreciation and the freedom to love one another but tell that to the girl thats hoping to get a bear that she can’t even fit through her bedroom door.

Save the money, order a pizza, and rent a bunch of movies. I’d rather receive memories with that special someone than get a box of chocolate heart roulette and balloons that will find refuge in the corner of my room until the 4th of July.