Run The Jewels 3 new album drops for public


Run the Jewels has come back with their third album, the album is yet again named after the Group Run The Jewels (RTJ). Run The Jewels 3 has been long awaited, after Run The Jewels 2 RTJ had fans waiting. The Album was originally set to release on Jan. 17 2017, but RTJ decided against that and dropped the album on christmas day as a present to the fans.

Run The Jewels fans rejoiced when the album had finally dropped after impatiently waiting for 2 years from the time that RTJ 2 had dropped. Run The Jewels 3 has not changed the artist they still have the same flow as before and it seems as if it will never change. That is not a problem for fans though as we love this flow.

Run The Jewels ¬†are already on their Tour of the United States, and they have announced a European tour for RTJ 3 . So if you miss your chance at a United States stop to see RTJ if you’re in Europe for some reason you still have a chance.

The Album wasn’t all RTJ though there were features on some songs. Including Joi on the first track,”Down,” Danny Brown on, “Hey Kids (Bumaye),” Tunde Adebimpe on, “Theives! (Screamed The Ghost), BOOTS on 2100, Trina on, “Panther Like a Panther (Miricle Mix),” and Kamasi Washington on, “Thursday in the Danger Room.”

Overall RTJ 3 is a great album, and even with as many features as there were I think a lot of fans are okay. The Album was a great Christmas surprise for fans, and I think that we can hold on to this one for a little while longer before RTJ 4 is announced and released.