A Night at Gatsby’s


Ladies and Gentlemen, on February 11th of 2017, Duncanville’s west gym and cafeteria will transform into the home of Jay Gatsby. It will definitely be a night to remember. This event will be hosted by the DHS Student Council and photo booths will be ran by photographers from Panther Productions. All tickets will be sold in the east and west cafeterias on B-Days only.

  • January 26th & 30th tickets will be $10
  • February 1st & 3rd tickets will be $15
  • February 7th & 9th tickets will be $20

**No tickets will be sold at the door**

Winter Formal Dress Code:

Semi-Formal/Business Casual


  • Suit (Blazer, Button-Up, Tie/Bow-Tie, Slacks)
  • Khakis and a button-up are permitted also
  • Jeans are NOT permitted
  • NO athletic wear
  • NO tennis shoes/flip flops


  • Dresses must come down to at least the bend of the knee
  • Can wear business professional (Blouse/Button-up shirt with Slacks + Blazer if desired)


  • Must be sung fitting at the bust in the front and on the sides/under arms. No part of the breast may be visable from the side view or from under the bust w/ normal movement. This includes plunging necklines and strapless dresses
  • Limited cleavage (one to two inches is allowed)


  • Backless dresses must pass the finger test (Finger Test: Place fingers on either side of belly buttoned bring them around to the back, cut must not be lower than your fingers


  • Splits must come to the bend of the knee


  • Lining must come to the bend of the the knee