Heart Shaped Cake Pop’s



1 box Red Velvet cake or favor of your choice

1/3 cup of oil

1 tray mold of hearts (can be purchased at Party City or Walmart for under $11)

A whip or Mixer

Merchens Chocolate Wafers- 1 of one color and 2 of another

3 whole eggs

1 Cup water

1 Large mixing bowl


Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Pour the cake mix into the Large mixing bowl and add in the eggs oil and water mix until clumps are gone.

Fill each heart half-way full

If the mold is flimsy then place it on a flat plan

Place in oven for 20 minutes or until ready

Once done set out to cool

Place a stick on each cake pop

While cooling put one color of chocolate in the a bowl and place in the microwave, heat 30 seconds at a time, after each 30 second stir, repeat this until comletely melted (no clumps).

Dip each cake pop in the chocolate to desired area

Let dry before adding second color

Place the second color into a clean bowl (less than the other one) and repeat the same steps as before

Once melted drizzle it on the cake pops

And Enjoy!