Student Council exercises their way to state


One of the many activities Student Council participates in is blood drives at the school. (file photo)

Music blares loudly throughout the gym of Trinity University.  Blended along with it is the joyful and excited laughter resonating from the countless student council members that filled the room. The cause of such chaos? It’s the man, dancing on stage. He leads the students in assorted exercises and dances that succeeded in shaking away the early morning grogginess. Standing in the front row of this madness is Duncanville Student Council, supporting their eccentric advisor, David Womack, in front of them. Suddenly, a collective idea sparks within them. They were going to run for State Parliamentarian.

“A lot of work goes into the process for running for TASC Parliamentarian,” Student Council secretary, Taya Boatwright said. “To be able to succeed, you need a strong council with great work ethic to make sure all things run smoothly.”

Duncanville Student Council wasn’t your ordinary school organized club. Upon talking with some of the members, they instead describe it as a crazy, diverse family. And together, this family was going to run for the position as TASC (Texas Association of Student Councils) State Parliamentarian later this month for the first time since their attempt back in 2014.

Student Council president, Jessica Yanes is quite familiar with the campaigning operation because during her freshman year, her sister, the now graduated Cynthia Yanez aided as the representative during their strive for president. Unfortunately, even with all of their effort they were not successful, however Yanes hopes to change that this year.

“My freshman year when we ran for president and lost, I was devastated because we had put in a lot of hard work and our platform was perfect,” Yanes said. “I didn’t realize what it was that we did wrong, but when I met the incoming leaders in Student Council, I knew that this was going to be different.”

She says that one of their obstacles in previous years stemmed from their lack in union.

“In our past councils, we had ‘cliques’. Even the seniors were divided in their own group of friends,” Yanes said. “But this year‘s group is a whole family, and even if I won’t take part in being the President school next year, I want the best for my council members; incoming and present.”

Student Council is hoping to win over the votes at their annual conference and come back home as TASC’s new Parliamentarian with their crazy energetic campaign platform.

“This year, our platform’s name is ‘Let’s Tae-Wo!; fighting against childhood obesity’,” Yanes said. “In a sum up, Tae-Wo is this really fun and energetic exercise routine that our advisor, David Womack, does at some of our conferences. Majority of the students who attend really like it, and it’s a really fun way to exercise without realizing it.”

Yanes, as well as; the other members of Duncanville Student Council consider it their ‘signature’ that most schools recognize them from.

“We decided to use that idea and take it to Bilhartz Elementary School to create this fun after school program that teaches our younger generation about the importance of being healthy,” Yanes said. “We plan on implementing it soon.”

So as time nears closer to their Annual Conference in April, they continue their strong effort to prepare their campaign to best of their ability. Despite the aspect of running against two other schools, they remain hopeful in their chances of winning.

“This year we’re going to win,” Yanes said. “I have no doubt in my mind that we have the capability, this year, to take home the position as the Parliamentarian school.”