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Born This Way leaves some listeners disappointed

Born This Way leaves some listeners disappointed
Lady GaGa's album 'Born This Way' was a dissapointment to some.

Released at 1:12am Friday, Feb. 11, Lady Gaga’s long awaited new single, “Born This Way” hit her Vevo account as an audio only video. It attracted viewers like a shiny light attracts moths. While Youtube has had a considerable amount of glitches regarding view count lately, the total amount of listens the song has gotten in the past few days is unavailable, but sure to hit straight to number one on every billboard.

But it shouldn’t.

“Born This Way” is “the next gay anthem,” at least, that’s what Gaga’s been saying to the Associated Press lately. But, it’s just too familiar. Born This Way is the combination of Madonna’s “Ray of Light,” TLC’s “Waterfalls” and the Goofy Movie’s Powerline star’s single, “Eye to Eye.”

That’s right. Lady Gaga sounds like the 90s threw up on her.

This isn’t saying that the song isn’t still good. It’s catchy; it’s what it’s suppose to be. A number one hit. With all the hype behind her, the expectations for Born This Way were far too high.  In a personal view, Lady Gaga is being idolized and romanticized, expecting to produce things that she won’t be able to for a while longer, once her creative genius has grown. Born This Way is most definitely a Lady Gaga hit single, but is it the one that the world was expecting? No.

Please try again Gaga, hopefully your album won’t be a collection of 90s/80s trance alternative rock beats. That era has passed. Let’s continue forward.

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    Taylor HarrisFeb 14, 2011 at 2:37 pm

    nice review!