Boys Soccer Jumpstart Playoffs with Tie


With their last game before playoffs the boys soccer team jump start the season with a 1-1 tie against Grand Prairie.

Varsity soccer coach Nuno Passos knew his team could have worked harder but was happy with the turnout of the game.

“I thought it could have gone either way,” Passos said. “They could have won, we could have won but at the end of the day it was a great game for us to play before we go into the playoffs.”

Going into the playoffs having a tie has helped to show the team how much harder they need to work to stay on top.

“This game was a great tune up for us to get ready to go forward into playoffs knowing we have decisions to make,” Passos said. “Good decisions. Bad decisions.”

All spring break the boys will be practicing nonstop to better themselves for the upcoming games. Passos is ready to begin working at 100% every second to be continue to be the winning team.

“Everything is scrutinized,” Passos said. “We look at film a little bit closer, we scout a little bit closer, decisions are a little bit better, planning is a little bit better. There’s just more of a sense of urgency that we recognized it’s do or die.”

Passos believes the thing between winning and losing is being able to score, work on split second decisions, and to stay the best team on the field.

“We can always improve,” Passos said. “We can always do things a little bit better. But overall going into the playoffs we’ve got to be defense free mentally. And we have to score goals we have to get a ball into the net. That’s going to be the difference between winning and losing.”

With 13 wins Passos says giving their all is becoming a challenge because every opposing team is giving their best punch.

“For us I think our major obstacles have been complacency,” Passos said. “It’s very difficult as a coach to keep the kids focused and to keep the kids motivated because it’s much harder to get on top than to stay there.”

Even with the tie Passos believes the best outcome for the boys was gaining knowledge of situations and being the best team on the field.

“I think the greatest accomplishment today was just being able to come back from adversity,” Passos said. “We had our chances we couldn’t finish but we got a lot of experience, a lot of players in situations that they’re going to face in the playoffs.”

Whether losing or winning Passos says the important thing at the end of the day is for the boys to be open minded to learning new skills and techniques for the game and the team.

“I think the most important quality for a team to learn is to be the type of kids that understand that they don’t know everything and that they need to be ready to learn something,” Passos said. “I think it’s very hard to teach somebody something when they think they already know it.”