Prom Updates for Seniors

Prom Updates for Seniors

Attention Seniors it is that time of year again. Tickets are now on sale for the May 13th Prom!

They will be sold in the Panther Shop during all lunches for cash only.
April 4 & 5 for $65
April 10 & 11 for $70
April 12 & 13 for $75

Here is the dress code for this year’s senior prom.

Gentlemen should wear Evening Attire which would include a suit, tuxedo or dress pants with a shirt, tie, and jacket. Show your own sense of flare with custom printed trucker hats at Customized Wear where you can get colorful ties, vests, cumber bands, scarves, hats or gloves. Be certain that your color coordinate with that special date for the evening. No athletic wear!

For the ladies, MODEST IS HOTTEST! Your evening wear should not have any part of the breast visible from the side view or under the bust with normal body movement. Necklines must be snug fitting at the front and on the sides/under arms. This includes plunging necklines and strapless dresses. Cleavage is limited. Only one or two inches is allowed. Backless dresses must pass the finger test. The finger test is when you place your fingers on either side of bely button and bring them around to the back, and the cut must not be lower than your fingers. Midriffs must only be two inches of exposed skin. Above and below the navel is permitted. ALL DRESSES MUST BE FLOOR LENGTH! No exceptions! All splits mist come to the bend of the knee. Sheer lining must come to the bend of the knee.

Seniors if you are bringing a date outside of the student body they cannot be older than 22 and they must bring an ID.