He was gone for a minute, but he’s back now so sit back down. Logic has released his third studio album entitled, “Everybody.” This album just as his other two, “Under Pressure,” and, “The Incredible True story,” this one will tell a story as well as try to make a point about very important social issues.

This album was originally teased as, “AfricAryan,” on a podcast, but when Logic realized that the album was about more than just him it was about everybody. This album is just what it seems to bean album that speaks about everybody and also speaks about Logic and his bi-racial background.

This album means so much more than just expanding on the whole racial topic that still faces America today. It covers so many different topics like the idea that you should treat anyone no mater what religion or sexual orientation that they are, but it also tackles a very controversial topic suicide but not i the way it would be expected. The song on the album entitled, “1-800-273-8255,” ┬áis the National Suicide Prevention Hotline. This song was written because, Logic has had so many fans over the years tell how his music has saved their lives. Coincidentally in an interview with, “Hardknock TV,” a youtube channel that interviews all sorts of different artist, Logic said that this song is his least favorite song on the album.

The Album wasn’t only logic as he had all sorts of different artist on this album such as, Killer Mike from Run The Jewels on, “Confess”, Ansel Elgort on, “Killing Spree”, Black Though, Chuck D, Big Lenbo, and No I.D on, “America”, Juicy J on, “Ink Blot”, Alessia Cara and Khalid on, “1-800-273-8255,” Lucy Rose on, “Anziety,” Damian Lamar Hudson on, “Black SpiderMan,” and he even worked with Legendary Scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson on the final track, “AfricAryan.”

Logic will probably be going on tour later in the year and it will probably be called the everybody tour. If you’ve never seen logic in concert it will definitely be a treat as he is one of the best artist at the moment up there with the likes of Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole.

All in all the album is great and it makes you think about all sorts of different things. This album may even be the much awaited end to racism in America. I enjoy all of Logic’s music, and, “Everybody,” just gives me even more reason to love his music. This Album is definitely worth the purchase or Spotify download because, the music will put you on a trip of emotions, and I would be a liar of i didn’t say this music didn’t make me think harder than I ever have.