Christmas Movie Reviews

Christmas time is coming around which means it is time to bring out the Christmas movies. Here are the top 6 Christmas movies that should be watched.

6)The Polar Express

Director Robert Zemeckis has done a good job at creating an interesting story of a young boy taking a train to the North Pole.  This world brings entertainment foir all. The style of this film is incredible on how it almost appears realistic. 


Will Ferrell truly brings Buddy to life. The plot of having a human believing he’s an elf even though he is incredibly taller than all the other elves is different. The movie draws pity from the watchers when Buddy is searching for his real father. The tragedy of this situation is truly heart wrenching which is made up with humor.

4) Home Alone

A true classic and a must watch on Christmas. Macaulay Culkin who plays Kevin helps the movie’s hilarious atmosphere. It is enjoyable to watch as it follows the story of this eight year old boy is simply trying to survive Christmas all alone.

3) The Santa Clause

This trilogy brings wonder and amazement as it’s focus of the story of Scott Calvin becoming Santa and the struggle of being this major role brings. There is magic in this movie and the plots are not dissapointing. The series are nice to watch with some hot chocolate and some warm blankets. These series are also enjoyable to watch with family.

2) How the Grinch Stole Christmas

This remake of Dr. Seuss’  book is truly eye catching. The Whos are just adorable in the film even though they may not have originally grasped the true purpose of Christmas. This movie has managed to capture pity towards the Grinch on his story of why he became the way he did. 

1) A Christmas Carol

It’s an amazing eye watching experience. The detail in this film is truly fantastic. The tone of this Disney remake of Charles Dickens does not disappoint. This is a must watch on Christmas with some blankets because it will surely bring some chills.