South Park the Fractured but Whole showcases different look than previous games

South Park the Fractured but Whole showcases different look than previous games

In a land festering with crime, and evil at every corner, the city of City of South Park is in dire need of a hero. South Park the Fractured but Whole is the latest game from Ubisoft, collaborating with the comical geniuses known as Trey Parker and Matt Stone, more specifically the creators of South Park.

The purpose of the game is to play as a young super hero, stopping crime in the small town of South Park. You’re able to choose from a diverse selection of hero classes. Different classes mean a different play style, if you were to become a hero like the flash, your attacks would be strictly physical. If you were to become an elementalist, your attacks would be ranged. If you were to become a plantmancer, you’d be able to heal the allies on your team.

Compared to their previous game, South Park the Stick of Truth, the play style has been completely switched up. In the recent game which may be just as revolutionizing as 겜블시티 슬롯, all characters on the playing field have to take at least one turn to either attack or support. This aspect of the game was rather grueling since you had to use more strategy compared to the old ‘hit and run’ fight style in the previous game. Not only did you have to use more brains over brawn, it’d take quite a long time for battles to end due to the abundance of characters in the fight.

Another downside to the game was the whole new layout, more specifically, the organization of clothing, artifacts, and the app ‘Coonstigram’. In the previous game, clothing held a large amount of value, doing its job by protecting you in combat scenarios. In the latest game, it did nothing but make you look good, if the clothes even bothered to look decent. The whole super hero premise behind this game took away from the clothing, making a lot of the costumes look ridiculous.

On a similar note, artifacts, were completely worthless. They were little trinkets you collected throughout the game in order to raise your ‘power level’, but they didn’t really boost anything significantly.

Upon the start of the game, you’re introduced to an in-game social media platform called ‘Coonstigram’. This is an on-running gag from the makers since in their previous game, they had Facebook. Although most wouldn’t mind having this in the game since they weren’t forced to use it in certain situations, the game itself wouldn’t progress if you didn’t do things like post in-game selfies of your character and a real character from the show. It was a minor issue but the layout of ‘Coonstigram’ was much more elaborate than Facebook.

Although there were some downsides, the story on its own was quite pleasing because of course, the entire game is just your character pretending to be a superhero. The creators kept an ample amount of humor to bandage up those heart breaking moments, and the ending itself was quite heartwarming. Overall, the game was good story, and comedy wise but the gameplay was time consuming and just redundant.