Swim Team becomes two-year District Champs, Regional Qualifiers


Swimmers work to increase their times in every meet throughout the year in an effort to be more competitive on the state level. (Katie Guillen photo)

By Gloria Ogunlade

After becoming back to back district champions, the boys and girls swim teams will be heading to the regional swim meet next week. The team finished with five gold medals in relays and one silver.  Coach Stephanie Bernier-Franco said Regionals has been their goal since the start of the year.

“Something like this does not happen overnight. We have been working towards this win since finishing the season last year,” Bernier-Franco said.  “It has been a continuous year long process to prep, learn, get stronger, be better than before,”

Bernier-Franco said the team has been dedicated to meeting their goals all year improving every day.

“The key is working hard every day,” Bernier-Franco said.  “This team comes to practices over the holidays when other teams have taken off. They learn better techniques, always giving 100% effort and overall they are mentally tough and have unity.”

The majority of the team will be attending the Regionals competition as a part of a four-person relay team and Bernier-Franco said all the teams had fantastic finishes at the district meet.

“Relay events are always one of the most exciting part of the meet because you have teammates joined together fighting and representing the team,” Bernier-Franco said.  “Team spirit is high and it was a fun experience.” 

Bernier-Franco said she  hopes a  District championship will continue to be a norm over the years.

“Last year we had a great finish as well, but this year we protected the throne and did it even better than last year,” Franco said. “Whether we continue to win trophies as we go or not, I think each year the team will proceed to get stronger and smarter.”

The Regionals competition will be a multi-day event. If the team qualifies for finals, they will return the following day to compete in order to make it to the next level.

“We are in one of the hardest regions in the state so the idea to make it to state is definitely a goal, but we are taking it one step at a time,” Bernier-Franco said. “Overall, they have to believe these things are possible and trust in the methods.” 

No matter how the Regionals competition turns out Bernier Franco said the team has already created a new standard and made a new name for themselves.

“We went into the district meet treating it as any other meet,” Bernier-Franco said. “Every meet is a stepping stone to our main goal which is to be successful at Regionals.”