Welcome to Wakanda compliments of Black Panther movie


This past weekend, I saw the Marvel movie that has recently been the talk of the town; Black Panther. And I must say not only did this film break history with a monumental African American cast and groundbreaking plot, but as well as including a powerful message that impacts our generation.

Marvel’s new innovative movie described the trials and tribulations of the lead character, T’Challa as he takes over the throne, as well as his adventures to avenge his father through his famous alter ego, Black Panther. However, he faces trouble when an unknown and forgotten relative journey’s to Wakanda seeking to take the throne as the new king of Wakanda. Similar to previous Marvel films, Black Panther exudes nothing less of thrilling action, comedy, and of course, romance. New characters were introduced to this film which added to the inventive and exciting aspect of Black Panther which differs from any other Marvel movies. In addition to new characters, Black Panther also includes a few characters seen in previous films, such as, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War.

Black Panther differs extremely from any other previous Marvel movie. While not only succeeding in reaching a whole new audience with its diverse cast selection, it also embedded a strong cultural aspect that we are not use to seeing in Superhero films. During T’Challa’s coronation the audience is exposed to the strong culture presented in Wakanda, whether it be through clothing, music, or body paint. Despite the country being fictional, we as an audience are allowed a window into the rich history and traditions that reside in Africa.

While cultural diversity is a huge aspect that makes this movie what it is, the most important detail is the references to inequality that we experience today, especially in the African American community. I won’t spoil the movie for those reading this.  But, throughout the movie, there are a few subtle jabs to today’s American society and how we treat those of a different complexion. *Sips tea*

I recommend that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, go see Black Panther.  Not only is it a fantastic Superhero film, but it also provides a slap in the face about the racial inequalities going on in our society.