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Killzone 3 single player release offers early look at game

Killzone 3 single player release offers early look at game
Killzone 3 beta release offers gamers look at new game. The game's graphics are sure to be sought after by gamers everywhere.

In this day and era, platform first person shooters seem to be dominated by the “Halo” and “Call of Duty” series. Few other shooters can even stand in the shadows of these franchise’s success. But “KILLZONE 3” looks promising to be one of the contenders.

The final game in the series, KILLZONE 3 offers both an epic and dynamic single player, as well as an acclaimed multiplayer. Gamers got a taste of these features thanks to a single player demo released and an open multiplayer beta version of the game.

The single player demo was nothing less than satisfying. It drops you off in the middle of an aircraft battle during a blizzard with bullets flying everywhere. This game quickly forces you to concentrate. The voice acting does lack and can be deemed cheesy at times. Some of the cinematics don’t have that sense of awe that they should, but the overall campaign and story are worth getting the game alone.

The multiplayer aspect of the game is what will probably get the most attention. The system basically follows the same structures of other shooting games like the Halo and Call Of Duty series. But the visuals for this game definitely look much better. The extraterrestrial environments are well crafted and there’s seems to be no problem with the frame rate so far. Leveling and upgrading are conveniently set up in game, instead of an off map screen. You can upgrade guns and other equipment write from the start of the match.

While KILLZONE 3 doesn’t offer anything special as opposed to other shooters, it is well crafted and does it’s job of being a worthy contender in the genre. If your looking for a good all around shooter, then KILLZONE 3 will definitely catch your eye. Check it out for yourself when the game reaches stores Tuesday, November 22.

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