Talent show auditions set for Monday

Talent show auditions set for Monday

Auditions for the freshman talent show are set for Monday and Tuesday. Those wanting to participate need to have only one freshman in thier group to participate.

Auditions for the “Freshman Got Talent” show are set for Feb. 28 and March 1 in the West Seminar room.

“I’m expecting all kinds of acts,” Baker said. “I want jugglers, dancers, singers a variety of acts.

Students wanting to be part of the talent show should sign up and attend the auditions from 4-6:30 p.m. Students wanting to participate do not need to be freshman but must have at least one freshman in their act. After auditions acts will be picked for the fianl talent show is in the Alexander Auditorium March11.

“You can just come in, turn in your form, do your act then leave,” Baker said. “We will then post the names of those advancing for the final show at the end of next week.

Miss Baker said there will be eight teachers and several seniors judging the auditions.

“We have people from all ages and interest to make the decisions for this show,” Baker said.

After the acts have been selected, tickets for the talent show will be sold at the door for $3.

“We want everyone to come see the show,” Baker said, “It’s a fundraiser for Club Fresh and will be an entertaining show.”